eBay Purchase #1 – Windows NT Advanced Server 3.1

nt31as-1eBay Purchase Price: Approx. $300 AUD

Country of Origin: United States

Condition: Very Good

An eBay find from about two years ago, finding copies of Windows NT 3.1 is generally difficult, so I was pleased to grab a copy admittedly paying more than I would have hoped.

Unfortunately falling over in a cupboard the box hasn’t fared as well, though for the most part is in good condition.

If you ever owned a copy of Microsoft Office 4.3 or Visual Basic Professional, you’ll find this to be of similar size and weight.

Opening the box you’ll find manuals and plenty of them.


You also receive 24 3½” floppy disks, a CD, and two 5¼” floppy disks. Basically how the installation worked was regardless of the floppy format chosen there was one disk to start setup and use the remaining floppy disks for installation, or use the other floppy disk and complete the installation using the CD. A coupon was available to get all those floppy disks in 5¼” format as well.


It wasn’t often that you’d get a VHS video tape included with software. The video taking about an hour to watch covers the functionality of this version of Windows. No longer having a VHS player I never been able to test it, though fortunately a YouTube user by the name of ‘nickkiej’ made a digital copy.

I haven’t got around to it, but I’d like to check out this version of Windows in greater detail.

Recorder_IconWatch ‘Windows NT 3.1 Advanced Server – Concepts & Planning’

NT 3.1 Advanced Server Front.png


Scanned image of Windows NT 3.1 Advanced Server’s retail box (front). Click on the image.




Scanned image of Windows NT 3.1 Advanced Server’s retail box (back). Click on the image.



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