eBay Purchase #3 – Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0

masteringvb40-1eBay Purchase Price: $10 AUD

Country of Origin: Australia

Condition: Like New

Today I picked up in the mail a shrink-wrapped copy of Mastering Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 made by Microsoft Press. Being a Microsoft Press title and not seen one closely I was expecting more printed material, though instead the contents was no different from picking up an early multimedia software title (i.e. very little in the box).

Below are some screenshots of the back and contents:

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Despite the official system requirements for VB 4.0 itself needing only a 386, this title’s requirements were a 486 processor instead with 10 MB minimum for RAM. The box also specified to have a MPC2-compatible sound card and CD-ROM drive. MPC2 simply meant Multimedia PC Level 2 and was simply a specification to adhere to for setting the standards on multimedia equipped PCs. In this instance, it was referring to the sound card being able to output to 44 kHz 16-bit CD-quality sound, while the CD-ROM drive to run at least at 2x (double-speed at 300 KB per second).

Although it was required to run on either Windows 95 or NT 3.51, a 16-bit installer was used for installation and only needed 8 MB to do so. Video for Windows was also included on the CD which isn’t required for Windows 95.

The application itself is really a big glorified help file though has a reasonable amount of content at your disposal. Depending on the section of the library you go to there’s narrated video demonstrations, walkthrough guides, and Microsoft Knowledge Base documents. It wasn’t however aimed at beginners of VB and the general expectation was that you’ve either previously used VB and you wish to brush up, or you’ve used other languages such as C for development.


Viewing a demonstration on data retrieval and editing.

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