Koala Sighting

Last Saturday as the weather was good for a change, I drove the family down to Portland for a day trip. From our home in Ballarat, it’s a good three hour drive.



Where Portland is located.

You can read more on Wikipedia, but in short Portland is a historic industrial town being the first settlement in the state of Victoria. Major industries are fishing, the shipping port primarily to export timber, one of Australia’s largest aluminium smelters, and in more recent years home to a large installation of wind turbines.

Anyway my two year old son has a fascination for things that spin, so I went to get closer to at least one of the wind turbines though didn’t end up getting that close probably from taking the wrong road. As I was driving I could see something big on the support arms of a streetlight, only to realise it was a koala!


It’s normally not easy to find a koala in the wild at all while driving, and this was the first I’d seen on a power pole. The koala just sat there looking down at me while taking photos. I guess it just found a comfortable spot to enjoy the sunshine.





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