eBay Purchase #4 – Microsoft Office Value Pack for Windows 95

eBay Purchase Price: $80 AUD

Country of Origin: Australia

Condition: Used

I won the auction for this one some time ago and while the box is rather tatty, it’s been the only one on eBay I’ve seen. I guess most people dumped the large box and kept it all separate.


For a couple of hundred extra then buying Office Professional on its own, the Office Value Pack was a collection of software specifically orientated towards Windows 95. It was clearly targeting the SOHO and small business segment. Nevertheless as a 10 year old at the time of release, it was a “I’d like to get that but no chance in hell I could afford that” package.

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The One Hit Wonder in Version Control (Microsoft Delta)

Just like Microsoft Test, Delta was another obscure software product from Microsoft back in the early 1990s that I hadn’t known about over the years. Also like Test, Delta doesn’t get much coverage on Google and you’ll just see Delta Airlines.

Developed internally, the focus was with software development projects and provided version control on source code, otherwise had been known as VCS or version control system.

Delta would be typically deployed in a corporate network where each developer would have Delta installed on their workstations, but no components would be installed on the server. A project would be shared amongst the company’s peers where files could be shared either directly on their workstation or hosted on a server, and allow synchronisation of the project’s progress amongst the workstations. Although files such as Word or Excel documents could be included in a project, normally the files in a project would be source code, icons, forms, etc. that would collectively be used to complete a software application.

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Comparing my 486s with SpeedSys

Today I pulled out my two 486 desktops to work on some loose ends that I’ve put off for a while.

The first one with IPC branding I bought earlier in the year from a bloke in Perth, though was missing a serial/parallel port cable for connectivity. I purchased a new one cheaply off eBay a while ago but finally got around to installing it. Now I can use a serial mouse.


The specs are fairly modest for a 486. It runs a PcChips M918i motherboard (also sometimes known as a Amptron DX-9300) with fake cache chips that were relatively prevalent in the early 1990s. Not ideal, but these days I’m thankful for having a working 486. Still I consider having PCI slots and using a replaceable coin battery instead of a soldered barrel of acid positives with this board.

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