eBay Purchase #4 – Microsoft Office Value Pack for Windows 95

eBay Purchase Price: $80 AUD

Country of Origin: Australia

Condition: Used

I won the auction for this one some time ago and while the box is rather tatty, it’s been the only one on eBay I’ve seen. I guess most people dumped the large box and kept it all separate.


For a couple of hundred extra then buying Office Professional on its own, the Office Value Pack was a collection of software specifically orientated towards Windows 95. It was clearly targeting the SOHO and small business segment. Nevertheless as a 10 year old at the time of release, it was a “I’d like to get that but no chance in hell I could afford that” package.

Here’s the other sides of the box:

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Apart from the obvious Office 95 Professional, also included is:

  • Publisher 95 (desktop publishing application)
  • Plus! 95 (add-on for Windows 95)
  • Small Business Pack (to compliment Office with ready-to-use databases and templates)
  • A PS/2 and serial compatible mouse (this appeared to be unused)
  • Visio Express 4.0 (diagram application before it was acquired by Microsoft proper)
  • Windows 95 Starts Here (guide to using Windows 95)
  • Couple of CD samplers (which happen to both include a trial version of Fury3, a sci-fi sort of game along the lines of Terminal Velocity)
  • There was a third CD sampler for various trial version games but that was missing
  • Microsoft’s Internet Starter Kit was amongst it though that wasn’t originally included

office95vp-5As shown, much of the software is just the same as buying the products individually, though all were sealed with a “This Microsoft product forms parts of the Microsoft Office Value Pack and is not to be sold separately” sticker. Also note that the Microsoft Mouse packaging was replaced with more Windows 95-era styling than what is shown on the Value Pack box suggesting this may have been an updated compilation.

Given there hadn’t been a pack such as this for later versions of Office, one does wonder whether sales volume wasn’t as high as Microsoft had hoped for.

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