Halfway Point to a New PC

A little while ago I purchased a new Corsair case, see it here, undecided and short on cash at the time for other parts. Received in the mail today were several items bringing me closer to having this PC complete. I ended up taking the AMD route this time, which I haven’t done since the AMD Athlon days in the early 2000s.

ASUS STRIX-X370-F GAMING Motherboard ($339 AUD) – To me the motherboard is the backbone of the PC, so it often pays to get the best one you can afford. This ASUS AM4 socket-based motherboard was towards the premium range with many bells and whistles, offering the X370 chipset.

From the store I purchase from, the most expensive board was the ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Extreme priced at $619. Between the two, much of the main feature set is the same, except I will miss out having built-in wireless adapter, dual M.2 SSD support with RAID capability, heatsink for the M.2 SSDs, and gold plated audio jacks. Nice features, but not a deal breaker.

AMD Ryzen 7 1800X CPU ($659 AUD) – Also at the premium end was this 8-core, 16-thread CPU. While dedicated gamers may currently opt for an Intel i7 7700K instead, this AMD will be a great all-rounder especially for virtual machines and multitasking. I also believe the next couple of years will see games taking advantage of systems housing greater than a quad-core chip. As part of a limited time offer, a game code for Quake Champions came included normally retailing for $199 AUD!

ASUS BW-16D1HT-PRO Blu-Ray Burner ($129 AUD) – While optical drives aren’t quite as prevalent today, I still like to place content onto Blu-ray discs when disk space gets tight. This drive supports the newer BDXL format allowing to burn up to 128 GB discs and the M-Disc standard for longevity. Apparently that longevity is for 1,000 years, but I question even if the disc lasts that long, who will have a Blu-Ray drive?

Western Digital Black 4 TB WD4004FZWX Hard Disk Drive ($299 AUD) – Originally was opting for a 2 TB drive, though the terabyte per dollar ratio was better with the 4 TB by $15 a terabyte. I’ve been avoiding Western Digital’s Green range of drives like the plague, as reliability hasn’t been great from experience.

Windows 10 Pro ($275 AUD) – The Home edition would really have been sufficient a lot of the time, but using Hyper-V was a nice-to-have feature with Pro. This edition is also needed now just to be able to access the PC remotely using RDP out of the box.

Cooler Master MAZ-T8PN-418PR-R1 CPU Cooler ($169 AUD) – Anything more extreme, and you’d get water cooling! This CPU cooler blew me away, no pun intended, just from the size of the packaging.

The power supply, graphics card, RAM, and M.2 SSD is all that’s left to order at some point.

Do you have any of these parts? If so, what has your experience been like?


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