eBay Purchase #19 – Onkyo DX1015A4 Netbook

onkyonetbook-2eBay Purchase Price: $143.77 AUD

Country of Origin: Australia

Condition: Very Good

Although not the first time small form-factor laptops have come about, the years between 2007 through to about 2012 became prime time for netbooks. Touted as being ultra portable and inexpensive, most netbooks were rather much alike with their specifications and offered little point of difference. In the end, their lacklustre performance contributed to their demise, and were largely replaced with tablets.

This is where the Onkyo gets more interesting, released only for the Japanese market originally for a fairly pricey sum of over 70,000 yen (~$650 USD, ~$850 AUD). Many netbooks were only half that price. It is effectively a re-badged Kojinsha DZ.

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