2021: Time of Recovery

It has been quite some time since my last post, though finally feel I’m at the stage of spending some time and attention towards this blog again. I was expecting followers to dwindle with the presumption it was no longer active, though it’s been nice to see this hasn’t been the case. It is unfortunate that the COVID-19 pandemic continues, which has paralysed at least in Australia the freedoms and enjoyment people took for granted.

Over the year I was experiencing chronic sleep apnoea in which I would regularly stop breathing. This had led to a poor quality of life and the need for naps at random times of the day from fatigue. I’ve now bought a ResMed CPAP machine which gradually over time has improved my life significantly. Another change has been the prescription for Ritalin just recently, which has helped me tackle ADHD. It has been slow going, though my spirits are up whilst my life has literally had a reset.

There’s been a couple of changes in regards to this blog. Only recently I’ve started receiving auto-generated e-mails of a ‘share request’ by people attempting to download files from here. The files are currently stored on Google Drive, and Google recently decided in the name of improved security add a resource key to the links making the original links posted here not very useful. Please bear with me as I’ll need to spend some time to update the links.

I’m very much an amateur when it comes to Instagram, though a new dedicated account has been created to complement this blog in which content will gradually appear. For visibility, an Instagram link will now show below the e-mail subscription option.

But for now, here’s a photo of me after a few hours participating in a photo shoot in Melbourne back in July.

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