About the Author

I’m Josh from Ballarat in regional Victoria. Born in Darwin, I’ve mostly lived around south-east Australia, though also briefly lived in Tokyo. Working full-time in the energy industry, I enjoy fiddling around with computers when I have a chance. I have two young half-Japanese sons, Akito and Kento.

Over the past few years I became interested in earlier computers that were common in my childhood (early-mid 1990s). Originally this was due to nostalgia, though I’m aware much of these earlier computers and their software were often tossed for recycling and landfill, and ultimately much is lost from what I consider the ‘golden age’ of desktop computing.

This website, Socket 3 was named after the motherboards and associated processors that were common for the period. Socket 3 was the type of socket to insert a 486 processor into the motherboard using 237 pins.

Should you live in the Ballarat area (Australia) and would like an old computer picked up and reused, you may e-mail me via the Contact page.