Here you’ll find downloads that I hope you’ll find useful that I’ve accumulated over the years. Whether it be from a FTP server being decommissioned, or vendors removing legacy products off their web sites, sometimes finding the right file you need becomes increasingly a challenge to locate. Unless mentioned, the downloads are in English.


downloadDaemon Tools 3.47 – Useful utility for mounting CD and DVD disc images. This was the last version to run on Windows 98. (493 KB)


SpeedSys 4.78 – A DOS utility written by Russian Vladimir Afanasiev that’s great for benchmarking your vintage system. Should run fine between 386 to Pentium III processor-based systems. Pentium 4/Athlon XP and onwards may have problems. (111 KB)


Virtual Machine

download1.44 MB Blank Floppy Disk Image – A blank floppy disk in IMA format to use with emulators. (1.4 MB)