Below is a list of links to other sites and blogs that share similar interests as my own.

New links will be added as time goes on.


Ancientelectronics – Focusses on vintage desktop PCs, games, and gaming consoles.

Dr. Gough’s Techzone – Computer and electronics enthusiast from Sydney, Australia.

Fun with Virtualization – Virtual machines, servers, programming, and Linux are some of the common topics.

JB Retro Collect – Vintage computer enthusiast from Canberra, Australia. The focus is on Apple II, Microbee, and documentation particularly with an Australian focus.

Nickkie – Dutch computer enthusiast.

OS/2 Museum –

Phil’s Computer Lab –

Quadras, Cubes & G5s – As the name implies, covers 68K and PowerPC Apple computers.

System Folder – Apple products and discussion.