eBay Purchase #22 – XTree Pro Gold 1.3

xtreegoldpro-introeBay Purchase Price: $3.30 AUD

Country of Origin: United States

Condition: Good

When it came to managing your files, many were in one of two camps – XTree or Norton Commander. I was in the XTree camp; probably from someone purchasing a used computer and creating backups of whatever happened to be on it. Early DOS users only had the command prompt to navigate through files, which had been fine when PCs were still sold with only floppy disk drives. The introduction of hard disk drives despite being meagre by today’s standards brought about a desire to view and manage the contents of such drives in a better way.

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Macintosh Files in a Windows World: MacOpener 2.0

macopener20-1Prior to the turn of the century, it was generally considered an outright nuisance sharing files between Macintosh systems and well everything else. Apple provided Apple File Exchange and later PC Exchange in the early 1990s, system utilities that allowed PC-formatted floppy disks to be used initially with System 7.0. Whilst having the annoying habit of creating hidden files, it was good enough for moving around Office documents and JPEG images between platforms.

Users of DOS, Windows, and OS/2 were left neglected in the ability to read Macintosh-formatted disks, and consequently if you were frequently moving across files between platforms it was best to leave them formatted for PC. If you were determined to read Macintosh disks directly on your PC, you were left with no choice but to purchase a third-party utility. Whilst not the only option, this is where MacOpener comes into play.

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