eBay Purchase #27 – Corel WordPerfect Office 2000

corelwpoffice2000-introeBay Purchase Price: $15 AUD

Country of Origin: Australia

Condition: Very Good

Ever since Windows dominated the PC landscape, Microsoft Office was and still is the mainstay for productivity applications. Major competitors were Lotus and Corel, though market share had slid to the point where it didn’t really matter who was considered second or third place. Instead of attempting to copy like for like with Microsoft Office, the emphasis became about niche feature sets and avoid alienating their existing user base.

As one would gather WordPerfect Office 2000 was competing with Microsoft Office 2000, albeit with more aggressive pricing. In a similar manner, Corel also offered both a Standard and Professional edition, with Professional including their Paradox database application. This copy purchased sat in-between known as the Voice-Powered edition comprising of a headset manufactured by Philips with the Standard edition of the software. Other offshoots included Small Business and Law Office editions for the legal profession.

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